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Dr. Sacha Fulton

Accredited Sports Scientist | Athlete Preparation Specialist | Speaker | Workshop Facilitator | Performance Strategist | Wellness Coach | Trainer

Hi! I am Dr. Sacha Fulton and this is my story. For as long as I can remember I have been passionate about life – passionate about travel, driven to embark on challenges and adventures and committed to my studies and connecting with people. The truth is, there were numerous careers I could have embarked on but Sports Science seemed to fit the brief perfectly. I could combine my love of science, movement, sport and travel to assist athletes prepare for events and have some incredible adventures along the way.

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Whether you are an elite athlete looking to represent Australia international, A sub elite or Masters athlete looking for your next personal best or a weekend warrior looking to take your training a little more seriously, Peak Preparation can help you. Peak Preparation can help you bridge the gap between being a successful athlete to taking your sporting performance to the next level and beyond. Peak Preparation will monitor your training loads to ensure your training is periodised and remains within a ‘safe’ zone. We will work with you to understand and explain the science behind nutrition, hydration, sleep and recovery and provide you with strategies to maximise these areas of your training.

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Peak Preparation believes that how athletes prepare for competition is no different as how students should prepare for an exam. Hence, I share with students the habits and practices that facilitate studying well now and in the future. For Year 11 and 12 ATAR Physical Education Students, I also run physiology revision presentations on the ATAR content. Finally, as the school year gets closer to mock and final exams I run a ‘Practice Makes Perfect’ presentation where I facilitate for students a thorough understanding of how to best complete Physical Education ATAR exam.

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As a Sport Scientist I understand productivity in athletes. The more quality work I can get out of an athlete, the more likely that athlete will achieve success on competition day. Conversely, the fewer training days I lose due to injury and illness, the more likely success on race day. In sport we talk about the critical success factors that are necessary to keep an athlete training. Let Peak Preparation help you apply these factors to your workplace and help your workforce achieve an elite mindset.

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If you are part of a sporting team, club or organisation wanting to upskill your athletes, give them the gift of education. Arm them with the scientific principles of training and competition so they can make better informed decisions that they are accountable for. Peak Preparation’s sport science education includes modules on environmental conditions, nutrition and hydration strategies, recovery, sleep, travel and understanding Physiology.

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Welcome to Peak Preparation

Let Peak Preparation help you understand what a Sport Scientist does

People we work with at Peak Preparation

Sacha at Peak Preparation has been amazing to work with over the last few months. She has enabled me to feel super supported in planning and carrying out a program to supplement my training as a professional ballet dancer. Having that guidance allows me to track and monitor my training load throughout both my rehearsal periods and performance seasons so that I can perform at my absolute optimum level of fitness and strength. It's a huge advantaged and extremely valuable to have someone that I can trust to help me balance my extracurricular training with my already high demands at work. I would highly recommend Peak Preparation as an elite performer if you are looking to increase your level and quality of performance in your respective sport.

Carina Roberts

Professional Ballet Dancer
"Sacha is incredibly passionate, caring and dedicated to both her work and her clients. Sacha supported me through my fitness and body composition goals from nutrition to performance techniques, training variety and much more. She educated me and always took time to explain and make sure I understood every step of my journey. I learnt so much about training loads, over training, fatigue and the importance of nutrition and rest. Sacha changed my relationship with exercise for the better and I have her to thank for my mental and physical well being. Her kind words of encouragement paired with her extensive knowledge of sports science and performance makes her an incredibly talented preparation specialist and coach. I highly recommend her services. Thank you for being so wonderful!"

Ines Salgado

Personal Trainer
“The students at Atwell College found Dr Sacha Fulton’s presentation both relevant and informative. Her knowledge and background in the Exercise Physiology field fills the students with confidence about their understanding of concepts and their ability to apply this to exam questions. Her personal case studies provide students with up to date data of how athletes perform and adapt to environmental conditions. We would be very happy to have her back again to deliver her presentation”

Nick Alexeeff

Health and Physical Education Teacher at Atwell College (Perth, WA)
“Sacha provided great enthusiasm and passion towards exercise physiology. The presentation allowed the students to further understand exercise physiology concepts and in particular how they can be further applied to practical contexts, a very worthwhile experience and something I would highly recommend.”

Liam Merigan

Curriculum Team Leader Health and Physical Education K-12 at St Brigid's College
"Having Sacha present to my Year 12 ATAR Physical Education Studies students in preparation for their written exams was exceptionally informative. The students found it valuable. Sacha went through a variety of multiple choice, short and extended questions from past ATAR exams. She interacted well with each student when they responded to questions, and were made to feel safe to share their answer. Sacha was able to refine the accuracy and precise of what they said or thought in a scientific manner. Highly recommended!"

Sandra Botica

Health and Physical Education Teacher, St Mary’s Anglican Girls’ School
"Sacha delivered a full day Leadership Course to our Sports Leaders which was designed specifically for their needs. She had great knowledge of the content and was able to connect with the students allowing them to feel comfortable providing responses. Student feedback was positive and they all felt they learnt a lot from the course. We are now looking at ways to get Sacha to deliver the course to other leaders within the college."

Justin Burt

Head of Health and Physical Education - John Forrest Secondary College
In Term 3 the year 11 and 12 ATAR PES students at Tranby College experienced a presentation on Exercise Physiology from Dr Sacha Fulton. She was able to discuss the relationship between energy demands and nutritional requirements of physical activity in pre competition, competition and recovery phases as well as the use of performance enhancing drugs in a real and relevant way. The students that attended this presentation were able to clearly make the link from theory to real life with Dr Fulton’s examples and wealth of knowledge having been immersed in the sporting world. Dr Fulton did not take long to pick up on the student’s passions in the room and work this into her examples to ensure the presentation was engaging and to enable the students to understand these critical concepts for their upcoming examinations. Dr Fulton was a phenomenal guest speaker and I look forward to continuing to work with her in the future to help prepare senior students for their external examinations.

Hayley Holtham

Senior School Sports and Co-curricular Coordinator at Tranby College
As an active senior I have studied many manuals and sports articles on "how to" train for best fitness outcomes. My history has been littered with see-sawing results despite my application, and at times I have fallen into enforced layoff through any of a number of self induced factors. I decided to attend a Sports Physician for insight into what was wrong with my body. The outcome was that my body was OK, but I could achieve better with intelligent supervision. Sacha has filled this role with a great mix of professionalism and empathy for a surprisingly affordable outlay. I really am exercising smarter, not harder, in a time efficient and COVD safe way. Yes, I am a happy 79 yr old.

Denis Cosgrove

Masters Athlete - Sailing and Cycling
Sacha has presented to my year 11 and 12 Physical Education students. Each presentation targeted key areas of content which the students required a higher level of understanding as they were not fully able to comprehend the content or apply it to various examples. It was excellent opportunity for the students to receive content from a secondary source, someone whom has a high level of life experience and knowledge to assist student level of understanding. It was valuable learning experience for me as a teacher to inquire further and also help facilitate student learning in the background. The detail in the presentation that was made available to my students following the sessions was amazing. The students whom just completed their WACE produced the highest results from our HPE department. Thankyou Sacha.

Jonathon Wood

Head of Health and Physical Education Department at Kennedy Baptist College