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As a Sport Scientist I understand productivity. The more quality work I can get out of an athlete on a weekly basis, the more likely that athlete will achieve success on race day. Conversely, the fewer training days I lose due to injury and illness, the more likely success on race day.

In sport we talk about an athlete’s critical success factors and I don’t think that a business or company is any different:

  1. The more quality work that is produced, the higher the dividend
  2. The fewer days lost to injury and illness, the higher the dividend
  3. The more critical success factors that are achieved, the higher the dividend

Therefore, I have taken the critical success factors necessary to keep an athlete training and applied them to the workforce by addressing the following:

  • Planning and preparation
  • The importance of sleep
  • How to remain healthy
  • The consistency of training
  • Paying attention to nutrition
  • Tackling hydration
  • And Tips for snacks

If productivity is key to your workplace preparation, then consider my ‘Preparation in the Workplace for Peak Productivity’.