Are you an elite athlete looking to represent Australia internationally?

Representing Australia internationally is an incredible achievement, but no athlete gets to that level of competition by themselves!

Most of Western Australia’s elite athletes seeking to make an Australian Team will already be on the professional sport pathway or will be picked up by an Institute of Sport if they are on the Olympic pathway.

For some athletes in some sports however this means already having a very high world ranking which can be hard to achieve. I can help you bridge the gap between being a successful athlete to taking your sporting performance to the next level and beyond.

In Sport Science I like to talk about the 1% ers and the 99% ers. The 99% ers are what every athlete needs to do to the best of their ability every day to ensure success. These are the building blocks to success. They include completing 90% of the training load, monitoring training volume and intensity and ensuring periods of rest and recovery through each micro and macro cycle. They include getting adequate sleep and paying close attention to rest, hydration and nutrition practices on a daily basis and monitoring health markers including morning resting heart rate and iron levels.

The 1% ers are the cherries on top that can be addressed once the 99% ers are all in place. These might include trialling an ergogenic aid such as caffeine or sodium bicarbonate, accessing a recovery strategy such as cold-water immersion or recovery pump boots or completing a VO2 max with lactates to determine lactate threshold and heart rate training zones.

If you are an athlete looking to represent Australia internationally, I can help you achieve the 1% ers and the 99% ers to take you to the next level.