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Physiological and performance testing establishes the benchmark to improve many aspects of your performance. Peak Preparation can help you set a baseline against which your progress can be measured.

VO2 Max refers to your body's maximum ability to transport and use oxygen during physical activity. It is the primary indicator that determines cardiovascular fitness and aerobic endurance. It is also known as maximum oxygen intake and plays an important role in an athlete's success at his chosen sport.

Peak Preparation can help you maximise your training through VO2 Max testing of your aerobic fitness with heart rate and lactate thresholds to identify your optimum heart rate training zones, and establish whether improvements in fitness have been achieved.

VO2 Max testing with Peak Preparation will take place at the UWA Exercise and Performance Centre.

Standardized athlete preparation pre-test preparation is recommended to enable reliable and valid physiological data to be obtained. To standardize test conditions, the following specific guidelines should be met.

  • Diet and Health Status: There should be no radical changes to diet in the days prior to testing. Most athletes already follow a high-carbohydrate diet, but strategies should be used to ensure that high carbohydrate meals are eaten in the final 2 meals prior to testing to ensure optimal energy stores. Subjects should refrain from consuming food 3 h prior to testing because this can affect the rate of substrate utilization, particularly during the initial stages of the testing protocol. It is important for athletes to present for testing in a euhydrated state, having consumed adequate fluid in the 12 h prior to testing. Furthermore, athletes should be tested under a consistent health status; if any major illness or injury is present, testing should be postponed or cancelled. It is good practice to record the diet for the preceding 24 h and replicate this for all testing sessions.
  • Training: Where possible, time and the type of training performed within the previous 48 h should be standardized. These training sessions should be familiar and not too demanding to ensure that athletes are in an optimal state to give a maximal performance in the laboratory testing.

A VO2 Max test with Peak Preparation will cost $395.00 and is due on the day of testing. This includes:

  • VO2 Max testing with Lactate Threshold testing and comprehensive post testing report
  • Body composition analysis and comprehensive post testing report
  • A Peak Preparation staff member available for the entirety of the test and for an in-depth post testing analysis of results

Bookings are essential. Please call 0404 884 521 or email