Physiology ATAR Revision

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Dr Fulton’s Physiology expertise will facilitate a thorough understanding of the ATAR Year 11 and Year 12 content for PE Studies.

Revision sessions will cover the entire ATAR PE Physiology coursework including:

  • Environmental conditions: implications of preparing and performing in heat, humidity, altitude and cold
  • Relationship between energy demands and nutritional requirements of physical activity: pre-competition, during competition and recovery
  • Performance enhancing drugs: anabolic steroids, stimulants and protein supplements
  • Training Programs Designed to improve performance

Revise the Year 11 or Year 12 ATAR Physiology coursework with confidence and precision from an expert with over 15 years working with Olympic and Paralympic athletes.

Book an in-house Seminar for your Year 11 or Year 12 ATAR PE students today!

90 –120mins in duration. Open programmes available.

Bookings are essential. Please call 0404 884 521 or email