Schools - PD Opportunities for Teachers and Presentations to Year 11 & 12 ATAR PE Students

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1. Personal Development Opportunities for Teachers
Dr Fulton also runs Personal Development workshops for teachers and assistants at schools around Perth. The workshops aim to increase knowledge of how Sports Scientists work with elite athletes in the field. Workshops are run on Saturday’s from 10am – 12pm. These opportunities can be tailored specifically to the needs of the teachers but might cover topics such as:

  • An introduction to ergogenic aids in elite sport
  • The science behind monitoring training loads
  • Altitude and its effect on the human body
  • Silent contributors to injury, illness and performance
  • Travel tips for athletes
  • The female athlete triad

2. ATAR year 11 and 12 syllabus for Physical Education Studies
Dr Fulton is familiar with the ATAR year 11 and 12 syllabus for Physical Education Studies and runs hour long presentations to students on Exercise Physiology encompassing:

  • Examination of the physiological capacities
  • Knowledge of the body’s circulatory and respiratory systems as an essential basis for exploring performance potential and preparedness for participation
  • Nutrition to meet the energy demands of participation in different activities and environmental conditions
  • Principles of training
  • Training types to improve components of fitness
  • Key characteristics of training program design and evaluation
  • Immediate and extended care of the injured athlete

Students will receive a presentation from a specialist in the field with real life examples of Olympic athletes with whom she has worked. Presentations are interactive and if requested, quiz’s can be provided for completion at the end of every presentation. These presentations are a great way to also assist school staff improve their content knowledge and understanding of the scientific principles of training and to gain knowledge for use in the future.