Engage Dr Sacha Fulton as your next Motivational Speaker, Keynote Speaker or Workshop Facilitator as she shares with you the lessons she has learnt from elite athletes.

Are you looking for an enthusiastic and inspirational speaker who not only captures your audience’s attention and takes them on the journey of a lifetime, but shares with them the lessons she has learnt from elite athletes?

Dr Sacha Fulton takes audiences on a behind the scenes glimpse of her own journey as a Sports Scientist. From her early days as an amateur athlete herself competing in the Hawaiian Ironman to completing her PhD with the Australian Institute of Sport, working with Australia’s top athletes in Olympic preparation and at the Paralympic Games and travelling the world on adventures of a lifetime.

Dr Sacha Fulton is the Owner of Peak Preparation and an Australian leader in Sports Science. Delve into powerful and exciting strategies from the field of Sports Science and elite athletes as she takes your audience on a journey to discover how individuals and organisations can improve personal performance, achieve their goals and implement high performing team cultures.

Sacha is an engaging, motivating, entertaining and inspirational speaker who will take your audience on a behind the scenes glimpse into what it is like to help the world’s best athletes prepare for the pinnacle of competitive sport. Sacha will have your audience captivated from the start and will leave them walking away with an internal fire burning brightly.

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